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Chlorella Powder

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Getting every essential nutrient… can be difficult. Especially if you’re vegetarian/vegan. Luckily, Chlorella can help ya out.

You’ll get plenty of protein - in a quick drink! So you don’t have to constantly stock up on plant-protein foods.

You can also reduce tiredness. With easy access to iron & B12. Stay energisedperform better at work/school.

Plus, more fibre = more controlled appetite.  

Main Benefits

Daily Detox

Healthier Body

Less Cravings

Energy Boost


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Chlorella Information

✅ 100% Chlorella → Protein Rich and Vitamin Dense

✅ Organic Sourced → 100% Natural & Additive Free

✅ Dark-Green Colour → natural, earthy look

✅ 100% Pure → heavy metals tested
✅ Vegan-Friendly → works well with plant-based milks

Smoothie: Add 1 tsp Chlorella Powder to your Smoothie and/or Smoothie Bowl 

Face Mask: Mix 1 tsp Chlorella Powder, 2 tsp Water), 1 tsp baking powder [optional 1 tsp honey] and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.


For more Recipes, visit our Blog page.


Recommended Serving Size 1 tsp

Amount per 100g                                                                    

                                                         % DV*

kJ(kcal) 1390                         (333)                                                              

Total Fat  (g)                             10

          Saturated Fat (g)                0

Total Carbohydrates (g)           23

          Total Sugars (g)                0

          Added Sugar (g)                 0

Dietary Fibre (g)                            0

Protein (g)                                 58

Salt (g)                                         0  

Calcium (mg)                               433       54%    

Iron (mg)                                      162    1157%

Potassium (mg)                          1567       78%

Vitamin A (mg)                            4000     500%

Vitamin C (mg)                               53       67%

Riboflavin (B2) (mg)                         5     333%

Vitamin 12 (ug)                             175   7000%




INGREDIENTS: 100% Chlorella     |     Store in a cool, dry place. 

Is this Product Organic? 

Our Chlorella as well as all other products are organically sourced. 


What’s the difference between Chlorella and Spirulina?

They are both forms of algae and contain high amounts of nutrients
Chlorella is higher in... 

  • Iron
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin A
  • Riboflavin
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium

Spirulina might be higher in…

  • Protein

Although some studies suggest that Chlorella’s protein content is actually on par with Spirulina.

To sum it up -- Chlorella has a nutritional advantage over Spirulina

Which means: you could improve your health - with Chlorella powder!


How much Chlorella should I take?

Okay so, even a single serving of Chlorella is veeery nutrient-dense

Which is great for boosting your health! But might be too intense for a Chlorella newbie. 
So to begin with → take a ¼ - ½ teaspoon of Chlorella a day.
Once you’ve given your body enough time to adjust → you can start taking a full serving (1 teaspoon).


Where is the Chlorella Sourced From?

Our Chlorella is sourced from China. In fact, in China chlorella has a rich history. Going on a 1000 years!

And remember: all products have been tested for elements such as heavy metals. No toxins here. 
If you ask, we’re happy to send the lab reports. 


Is it safe to consume Chlorella during pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant – or trying to conceive – we recommend consulting your doctor before trying Chlorella powder. 

The same applies to any of our products. Just to be safe! 

That being said... you may be interested to know that studies have found that: 

  • Nursing mothers who took Chlorella supplements had reduced dioxins in their breast milk. Dioxins = highly toxic compounds. 
    Dioxins can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and cause cancer. Yeah… they’re no good. 
  • Chlorella supplements may also improve the immune development of nursing infants. 
    This is because it increases antibody levels in breast milk.
  • Chlorella has been shown to reduce anaemia. And pregnancy-related high blood pressure.
  • Nursing mums who took Chlorella supplements had higher concentrations of antioxidants.
  • Research (using pregnant animals) showed that Chlorella suppressed the transfer of mercury to the foetus. And it prevented mercury build-up in the mothers’ brains.

So Chlorella could help prevent pregnancy-related health issues. But again - consult your doctor first.

Enjoy Benefits Like…

If you’re looking to rid your body of toxins… Chlorella just might be your go-to product.
After you take Chlorella powder, it will bond with any toxic heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides in your body. Then - like a security guard - it smoothly escorts them out. 
So you can feel soothed and clear.
Plus, Chlorella provides you with powerful antioxidants, helping to...

  • Boost your immune system
  • Heal any wounds
  • Increase your energy levels

So you can feel a better sense of well-being!

Do you tend not to eat (much) meat?
If yes - you probably have to make a special effort… just to get enough protein.
Which can be a never-ending struggle. Which means you have to constantly stock up on plant-protein foods. Which can get boring.

Luckily - Chlorella powder can be your quick (and creative) source of protein!
You can take the powder how you like - seasoning, smoothie, shake etc. 
Even as a morning shot. In around 5 seconds… you could get your protein fill!
In fact, Chlorella consists of 50-60% protein
Which helps to repair your body’s tissues - including muscles, hair and cells
Keeping you strong.

For more vegan-friendly high protein Superfood powders -- check out Moringa & Wheatgrass.

Wanting to lose weight? Struggling with cravings?

Then what you need… is more fibre.
And Chlorella is rich in fibre! Which helps keep you satisfied all morning, until lunch. 
So you can focus - without fantasising about your upcoming meal!

One serving could keep your appetite under more control. Helping you get that much closer... to achieving your fitness goals.

Plus, the fibre content helps reduce constipation and supports digestion. Giving your bowel movement an easier ride!

Keeping your energy up… can be an absolute chore.
Especially as your energy (partly) depends -- on your vitamin B12 and iron levels. 
And these nutrients can be difficult to get, if you just rely on food.
Meanwhile, over-the-counter iron tablets can have stomach-inducing effects.

But help is here!

Chlorella will provide you with plenty of iron and B12. So you can reduce your tiredness levels. And remain more energised - throughout the day. 

Now you can enjoy a natural source → meaning you might not have to take those (dark stool-inducing) iron tablets anymore!

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Moringa gives you a kick of life. It’s great for fighting inflammation in your body… Which helps ward off colds and flus. Reduces your risk of developing diseases. And helps your skin glow!

If you want to reduce tiredness - both Moringa and Chlorella can provide you with the nutrients to power up your energy levels. So you can stay focused. All day long.

Plus, enjoy a plant-based protein boost -- that keeps your muscles, tissues & hair healthy.

Combine Moringa and Chlorella -- and you could enjoy benefits like…

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  • Detox to-the-max
  • Immunity boost
  • Skin, hair & nail care
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