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Shroom Coffee | Boost

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Enjoy a Calmer & Balanced Energy --- without the Jitters and Crash.

A coffee blend formulated with the intention of boosting your immune health while enjoying the adaptogenic benefits of a crash free cup of brew.

Benefit from the energizing properties of arabica coffee with the immune boosting effects from Chaga, Ginseng Root, Cordyceps & Maitake.  

Main Benefits

Immune Boost

Improves Stamina

Stable Energy

Reduce Inflammation


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Product Information

✅ Organic Sourced → 100% Natural & Additive Free

✅ 100% Natural → So you can feel your best

Vegan-Friendly → everyone can enjoy the mushroom’s benefits

✅ Energy → 50% Arabica instant coffee powder (2.1g) 

Health Boost → 50% medicinal mushrooms (2.1g)

✓Chaga mushroom (0.6g) → 20% Beta D Glucans

✓Cordyceps mushroom extract (0.6g) → 50 % Polysaccharides, 1% Cordycepin

✓Maitake mushroom (0.6g) → 50% Polysaccharides 

Ginseng root extract (0.2g) → 10% Ginsesides

Recommended amount: 1 tsp per cup.

Mix the powder with a cup of hot water. 

Is this Product Organic? 

Our mushroom coffee as well as all other products are organically sourced. 


Does this taste like mushrooms?

Don’t worry! Our Coffee doesn’t taste like mushrooms – it tasted like coffee with a subtle earthy taste. It has a rich, smooth flavor that is as just as delicious as your favorite coffee.


Can I add milk and sugar to this powder?

Of course! Please feel free to enjoy your mushroom coffee just as you would enjoy your regular coffee.


How much caffeine does one serving contain?

Each cup contains 50mg caffeine. Please note that caffeine content may vary depending on how many tsp you chose to use. Although, the recommended serving is 1 tsp per cup.


What’s in the mushroom coffee?

Each serving contains:

✓ Chaga mushroom (0.6g) → 20% Beta D Glucans

✓ Cordyceps mushroom extract (0.6g) (1% Cordycepin)

✓ Maitake mushroom (0.6g)

✓ Ginseng root extract (10% Ginsesides) (0.2g)


What Is The Fruiting Body? Is It Different From Mycelium?

Fruiting Body:

What you would visually recognize as a mushroom. It’s fleshy and contains spores.

Usually grows above ground or directly on the surface of its host – like a tree or old log.

Made up of a stem, cap, and gills. It’s what you might eat in a culinary dish.


The main body and feeding membrane of a mushroom. 

It grows underground or within the host plant.

Think of it like the ‘roots’ of the mushroom. 


Does Antioxi use the Fruiting Body Or Mycelium? 

The product is a 100% fruiting body extract.

This gives you a higher concentration of the mushroom’s healthy components. So you can get more bang for your buck. And improve your wellbeing.

If you’re looking for nutritional goodness from our Turkey Tail – then the fruiting body is where the magic is. 


I’m Confused -- What’s The Difference Between The Raw Mushroom, The Powder And The Powder Extract?

Here’s a simplified summary of each:

Raw mushroom = the whole mushroom.

Mushroom powder = dried mushrooms -- ground into powder. Goes into giant pressure cookers - that pre-digest the cell walls.

Mushroom powder extract = dried mushrooms -- ground into powder. The powder is cooked with water/alcohol, so that the medicinal compounds can be extracted. A spray dryer removes the liquid - leaving you with a fully-active powder.


Antioxi’s mushrooms products are powder extracts. Here’s why that’s beneficial to you. 
The long-term cooking process allows for…
1. Better control over the mushroom’s medicinal properties that remain in the final product. So your quick intake can go a long way. And improve your health.
2. Beta D Glucans can be up to 15 times more concentrated in powder extracts - compared to powders. 
So you can benefit from more natural immune-boosters.
3. Easier access for your body to the medicinal goodness. And easier absorption too.

How Are The Nutrients Extracted From Mushrooms? 

Simply put -- during the extraction process, the mushroom’s nutrients are dissolved as much as possible. 
This can be done with...

-Hot Water


-Both (Double Extraction)

Antioxi’s mushrooms have a water-based extraction. This helps dissolve the most Beta-Glucans – which is the ingredient that helps balance your immune system.


Where are the Mushrooms sourced from?

We’re open about our mushrooms being sourced from China. In fact, in China mushroom usage has a rich history. Going on a 1000 years!
You see - in Europe, it wouldn’t be doable (re: climate, economics, resources) to grow *genuine* mushrooms for supplements. 

And remember: all products have been tested for elements such as heavy metals. No toxins here. 
If you ask, we’re happy to send the lab reports. 


Is It Safe To Consume This During Pregnancy? 

If you’re pregnant – or trying to conceive – we recommend consulting your doctor before using any of our products. During Pregnancy coffee should also be kept to 1 cup per day at most.


Containing some of the world's most powerful immune boosters, your regular cuppa coffee is transformed to a super brew!

Chaga stimulates white blood cells → Fighting off harmful bacteria & viruses in your body → Boosting your immune system.

Cordyceps → Activates your immune responses – so your body can fight infections better. 

Maitake Maitake helps activate your immune system and blood cell telling your immune system to go forth and do its job.

Ginseng Root → Promotes the production of cytokines which stimulate both Th1 and Th2 immune responses. 

Cordyceps Improves your VO2 Max. In other words -- you’ll use oxygen more effectively whilst you exercise. So you can improve your fitness. 

AND Cordyceps delivers more energy to your muscles. Which helps you recover faster.
So you’ll be able to sustain intense exercise for even longer. And set new personal bests.

Arabica Coffee  Caffeine can benefit endurance performance, high intensity exercise, and power sports.

The combination of Mushrooms and Ginseng help to Detoxify your body. This helps your body feel more stable overall.
Mushrooms are fantastic sources of adenosine, which helps block some of the stimulatory effects caused by regular coffee like anxiety and jitters. meaning you can enjoy all the health benefits, without the downsides…

The mushrooms medicinal components - Beta-Glucans - help fight bad inflammation.


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