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Alkaline Greens Blend

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There may be a missing key in your lifestyle → A more alkaline body.

Studies have suggested that we may function best at a slightly alkaline pH balance.

Making your BodypH more alkaline could help… Promote a healthier body weight. Reduce heart disease risk. Deeply cleanse skin & create a glow. Boost immunity.

This equally-balanced blend consists of: Baobab Fruit, Barleygrass, Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass,Moringa. 

Main Benefits

Stronger Bones

Immunity Boost

Improved Skin

More Energy


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Alkaline Blend Information

✅ 100% Natural → pure blend

✅ 1:1 Mixing Ratio → subtle balance that isn’t too overpowering

✅ Vegan-Friendly → works well with plant-based milks

✅ Organic Sourced → 100% Natural & Additive Free

  • Smoothies: Add 1 tsp Alkaline Blend to your Smoothie (or Smoothie bowl).
  • Face Mask: Mix together: 1 tsp Alkaline Blend, 2 tsp water, 1 tsp baking powder [and optional 1 tsp honey]. 
    Apply and let it sit for 10-15 mins. You won’t believe how smooth your skin will feel!

For more ideas – check out our Recipes Page


Recommended Serving Size 1 tsp (5g)

Amount per 100g                                      % DV*       

kJ(kcal) 1463                         (351)                                                              

Total Fat  (g)                                5

          Saturated Fat (g)                 0

Total Carbohydrates (g)           42

          Total Sugars (g)               2

          Added Sugar (g)                 0

Dietary Fibre (g)                          17

Protein (g)                                 35

Salt (g)                                         0     

Calcium (mg)                              438         55%    

Iron (mg)                                      78        560%

Potassium (mg)                           773         39%

Vitamin A (mg)                          6401       800%

Vitamin C (mg)                              63         78%

Vitamin E (mg)                           1523     1015%

Vitamin K (mcg)                           167       222%

Zinc (mg)                                      295     2950%

Selenium (mcg)                              17         30%

Riboflavin [B2] (mg)                         2        144%

Vitamin B   (ug)                              29      1176%

Copper (mg)                                     8        833%

Manganese (mg)                              1          33%




INGREDIENTS: Chlorella, Moringa, Wheatgrass, Baobab fruit,  

Barleygrass, Spirulina | Store in a cool, dry place. 

Is this Product Organic? 

Our alkaline green blend as well as all other products are organically sourced. 


Why should I care about alkalising my body?

There are many factors that make your body’s cells and tissues function properly. Including hydration, temperature, availability of nutrients... and pH
The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14

  • Higher than 7 → is alkaline
  • Less than 7 → is acidic
  • 7 → is considered neutral

Our bodies are designed to operate within a very specific pH range. This is around 7.365 -- which is slightly alkaline.  

One study tracked more than 66,000 women, over the course of 14 years. 
Compared to those on alkaline diets, participants who had high-acid diets showed a significant increase in developing type 2 diabetes

If you have an acid-forming diet - with low vegetable intake - you are also at an increased risk of high blood pressure and obesity.

So overall, more acidity in your body → could be very damaging
It impairs your body’s ability to repair or detoxify. And causes you to be more susceptible to diseases and illness.


What causes a body to be acidic?

It’s not just the food we eat -- that can cause an acidic environment. 
Our body creates acid - by breathing, using its muscles and digesting certain foods. 

Other factors can be: stress, toxins, a polluted environment, tobacco, lack of sleep, or certain medications.


Can I test my body’s pH levels myself?

Sure. If you want to know whether you’re more on the alkaline or acidic side → you can easily test your pH at home

Simply get some test strips online, or at your local health food store. Use them on your saliva or urine to find out your pH results.


How do I make my body more alkaline?

First, let’s explain a common misconception. 

The acid/alkaline load of a given food doesn’t refer to the pH of the raw food. But to the acid/alkaline formed after you digest it. 

You see, acid is involved in digestion. And your kidneys have to neutralise this acid. 
You might have heard of the Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL). This measures how much acid your kidneys need to process after you eat a certain food. 

This means we can give foods a certain PRAL score -- in order to determine how alkaline or acidic forming they are.

  • When you eat foods with a high PRAL → the pH of your urine and saliva often become lower. AKA more acidic
  • When you eat foods with a low PRAL → the pH of your urine and saliva often become higher. AKA more alkaline.

Though this isn’t a perfect measurement, it can give a useful general guideline as to how a food is affecting your body.

So the higher the PRAL - the more your kidneys have to work to neutralise this. Which can cause a great strain to be put on them. And can lead to kidney conditions.

But the foods found in our Alkaline Green Blend powder are designed to make your pH balance more alkaline. 
This can promote a healthier body weight. And reduce your heart disease risk.


How much of each powder is used in AntiOxi’s Alkaline Blend?

We have equally represented each powder. 
So the mixing ratio is 1:1.


Is it safe to consume the Alkaline Blend during pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant – or trying to conceive – we recommend consulting your doctor

before trying the Alkaline Blend powder. 
The same applies to any of our products. Just to be safe! 

Enjoy Benefits Like…

Too much acid in your body → high inflammation.
Which is a serious obstacle - as it can be difficult to manage. And leads to serious diseases
Which unfortunately includes arthritis. This causes you to struggle with stiff joints. 
Buuut luckily, the Alkaline Blend could help you out.
It’s carefully balanced with superfoods that preserve your muscles. AND help strengthen your bones - even as you age.
So you can reduce your risk of arthritis. And feel more stable and in control, as you get older.

When you have chronic inflammation in your body -- this can be a serious issue. 
You become at risk of developing major diseases. Like heart disease, autoimmune disorders and even cancer.
So it’s important that your body learns to manage inflammation better.
Thankfully, you can do just that -- with the Alkaline Blend.

You’ll flood your body with antioxidants. Which helps boost your immune system’s barrier against infections
Even in winter. Even when you’re around sneezing people. Even if you have a serious disease.
You can feel more confident about your health. And suffer less headaches.
And who can say no to that?!

Wanna feel less tired? Then you need to get enough iron.
And luckily, the Alkaline Blend has plentyyy of iron to give you!

It also contains Vitamin C -- which increases your body’s absorption of iron. 

So you’ll take more in → feel less weakfocus more at work/school. 
Plus, the chlorophyll helps cleanse your body. Meaning you can take less sick days off.
This Blend works great at boosting your endurance in the gym too.

You’ll feel energised -- and ready to achieve more! 

Ratings & Reviews

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Reishi Powder

For a Stronger Body & Relaxed Mood! Reishi can boost the anti-inflammatory effects of the Alkaline Blend. This immune support is much-needed for many disorders -- including IBD. The Alkaline Blend can keep you energised. And pushing even harder in the gym!

Whilst Reishi has a calming effect. That quietens down your brain when you need it most – before sleep!

Combine the Alkaline Blend and Reishi -- and you could enjoy benefits like…

  • Better sleep
  • Better workouts
  • Less depression symptoms
  • Less anxiety symptoms
  • Reduced allergic reactions
  • Energy boost

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