Moringa Natural Face Mask Recipe

Moringa is known for its incredible health benefits, such as being packed with Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants. But did you know that Moringa is not only great for you when you digest it but also makes for a wonderful Face Mask!

In fact Moringa is well know for its skin nourishing abilities and we have just the recipe for you:


Moringa Powder Face Mask Recipe 



-1 tsp warm water

-1/4 tsp raw honey

-1/4 tsp moringa powder

-5 1/2 tsp white kaolin clay



Measure the water out in a dish and whisk in the honey and moringa powder until you have a well combined green mixture. Add the clay one teaspoon at a time, until a thick, creamy paste has been formed. The amount of clay required may vary , so feel free to use more or less.

Spread the mask over your face and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

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