Creamy Matcha Latte | Energy Boost

Matcha is not only an incredible detoxer but is also a great no crash Energy Booster. In fact, many people have completely substituted their coffee for Matcha, to not only avoid the dreaded midday crash, but also to prevent jitters as well as stained teeth.


Matcha Latte Recipe 



-1 tsp Matcha green tea powder
-2 tsp Raw Cane sugar
-3 tbsp warm water
-300ml hot milk & some froth for serving



    -Spoon the matcha powder & sugar into cup.
    -Add warm water and mix until a smooth dark green paste is formed.
    -Add the warm Milk and Mix the paste and milk together. Top your Latte with froth for a extra creamy taste.

    Enjoy this no crash energy booster at any time of the day. Especially great for those stressful Mondays! 

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